Restaurant els pescadors

Restaurant els pescadors

Past and Present

Three decades have passed since the family of restaurateurs, Fernández-Punset bought the old fisherman’s tavern in Port de Llançà, a historical establishment, that had been running since 1947. The tavern has evolved with the passing of time, to what it has become today, a restaurant of gastronomic creation. The last complete transformation was carried out in 2001. However, in spite of the changes, it has retained two unalterable marks of the identity that define the personality of the restaurant: the friendly and personal treatment and the sea food cuisine, natural and varied, based on top quality produce. Today, it is a restaurant with history and family tradition. The second generations carry a legacy that they constantly renew and which they treat with a measured amount of subtlety, excellence and humbleness, converting the dishes into sensations and seduction served at the table.

The patriarch figures, of Lluís Fernández Soler and Anna Maria Punset, continue supervising the everyday running of the establishment, providing the experience of half a century and teaching that which is not written down; the human treatment and the management of resources.
"Good cooking does not happen by chance, rather it is a result of the technique, the daily work and dedication. The basis of the regularity of good cuisine over time is perseverance because you believe in the project"

The Chef

Lluís Fernández Punset, trained in the kitchen of Els Pescadors, within the family itself, and at the ‘Escola d’Hostaleria Superior de Barcelona’. He contributes the experience acquired in some of the greatest kitchens of the current gastronomical scene (El Celler de Can Roca, in Girona; l’Akelarre, in San Sabastian; l’Abac and Casa Bilbao, in Barcelona; Le Fox, of De Panne, in Belgium, and Relaix Fleuri, in La Burgundy) achieving a refined style of cooking with personality; sophisticated creations executed with meticulous care. The second generation has renewed concepts and reinvented ways of doing things, but with the same base: cooking that combines the richness of both the sea and the mountain countryside, that uses produce from the fishermen’s market in Llança and from the squares and markets of the region. Food based on careful cooking and the changes of the seasons.

Lluís Fernández Punset seeks excellence with good sense and so he plays with two essential variables that are never missing in his kitchen: the duo of fish and olive oil on one hand and, on the other, the clear-sightedness of wanting to learn new things every day, renewing the catalogue of creative references, through the implementation of techniques and practices that exist side by side in perfect harmony with the gastronomic idiosyncrasy of the region.

Our Philosophy

A constant search for excellence and the careful selection of produce.

The philosophy of Els Pescadors is not a way of cooking the food, or buying it; it isn’t even the attention paid to the customers, rather, it is the combination of all the different parts, each of which has equal importance. Because it is only by seeking excellence in each responsibility and demanding the best result from each action that the quality of the entirety is achieved, as an indivisible whole.

"Two moments of change are happening in the cuisine at Els Pescadors. Just as in all generational successions of father to son, on one hand there is a transfer of information, of flavours and feelings, and on the other; a prudent adaptation of new techniques to keep the cuisine up to date and with the stamp of gastronomic culture."

Our family and team spirit

Restaurateurs by tradition and by vocation. A team of young people, who have made themselves and who have grown professionally at Els Pescadors, who understand the kitchen as a tool for coexistence between people, for transmitting satisfaction and emotions. A family structured team, with Lluís Fernández Punset and Pepe Hernández as key layers in the kitchen; and Maria Àngels Fernández Punset, Xavi and Stefan as the key layers in the dining room. While Anna Maria Punset and Lluís Fernández Soler accompany and supervise the daily operation.